Sunday, November 23, 2008



Being in da work force for 4 months, not 2 long, not 2 short a period either, but its definitely a big step in life for me.

I magine changing from casual yum cha sessions into dinners in great restaurants n casual talks into standalone meetings. Yea, its great a meal in these restaurants, but da pressure dat sets in along with ur boss, suppliers and contractors r no joke. Halfway through da meal they would go like, " Hey, have u settled da smoke spill system for dat basement? Hey, do u think its better 2 use fanless cooling tower or da normal cooling tower for dat building? "
Standalone meetings r worse. When da client or architects ask u questions n u can't answer them, get prepared 2 get stared at n go noes wat comments will they be making behind ur back.

Yea, my company isn't a big 1, but its certainly a good training ground for me, a freshie. I use 2 eat junkies during office hours, dl movies into my company laptop n sometimes fall asleep on my laptop after lunch, which i tend 2, no reason for dat.

Every Friday I would be up 2 Ipoh for meeting with da client n project team members which is usually da Sunway City Berhad gp of ppl. Sure there r much politics n finger pointing in such a big company, but overall, its a good experience coz dats wats life about, how 2 tackle these ppl in da society. = )

Meetings in Menara Sunway r da best. Y? Coz there r many pretty gals working in Sunway. lol.
I ain't being exxegerating or "blowing water" as they say, but its true. If u ppl have a chance, u can drop by Menara Sunway n have a look at their receptionist, wonder if shes some paegant's beauty queen or wat.

Clothings, can't be as casual as usual in Uni, long sleeves n slacks r a must or rather a norm, luckily ties n cuffs r not required. I just can't get it y consultants must be dressed in formal clothes when we have 2 take a walk at da site occassionally. Mentioning dat, construction site walks r not as simple as u see. 1st of all, u have 2 be careful of exposed nails n tools, next, u have 2 be careful of da mud. Wat u see as a solid mud dat can sustain ur weight might not be as it is as I've seen hotel operators slipped on mud n I've seen Interior designers fall into da pond of chest height water level.

But in overall, I'm happy with wat i get. At least I do not need 2 stand in da sun n lecture banglas every morning, nor do I need 2 work on Sat n Sundays.

Theres much more 2 come from where it started. More posts bout work n pics r yet 2 be uploaded. Till den. = )

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